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[edit] CSAW

Tuesdays Rm 407 Activities Period


[edit] What is CSAW?

We are Concerned Students for Animal Welfare. We help animals around the world.

[edit] Who is the club for?

It’s for anyone and everyone. If you love animals or simply want to contribute to a good cause, then this is a great opportunity for you. It has a long history of success, it’s hassle-free, and we bake all the time!

[edit] What’s so great about CSAW?

We actually make a difference. In previous years, we have adopted several animals, from the Giant Panda to baby Whooping Cranes. We have held Earth Day assemblies and created petitions for environmental awareness. We raised hundreds of dollars for several different organizations including the World Wildlife Fund and ASPCA. Impressed? Then join us!

Not impressed?

That was the past. Show us how we can do better and come to our meetings on Tuesdays.

What will I do once I’m in the club?

We tackle widespread issues, but in between we also help out lesser known species and smaller organizations. We also sell chocolate and hold bake sales and luncheons. For those who wish to, we will be doing volunteer work outside of schools. We decide, as a whole club, which organization we will be donating money to. So if you want a say, come join us!

[edit] Officers

Copresidents: Merry Ding and Jenny Li

Publicity Secretary: Sarah Baek

Treasurer: Jia Gao

Recording Secretary: Ally Kwun

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