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Welcome to Brickipedia

---> ATTENTION <---

We have "moved" to a new location. Please check out the new site at this link. Thank you!

As of June 29 2010, this wiki has been locked from all editing from non sysops.

The Hunter College High School wiki that only sysops can edit! (For now). We currently have 210 articles.

 Major, important, and really interesting stuff

Class of 2015 Term Council Wiki
Class of 2014 Term Council Wiki
Class of 2013 Term Council Wiki
Class of 2012 Term Council Wiki
Class of 2011 Term Council Wiki


 Sysop soapbox

This wiki, though perfectly functional and pretty much spam-free, with hundreds of hours put into it, has been abandoned. Check out the new wiki at [This link!] You will have to ask for editing privileges. They will usually be given to you within a few minutes. [Sysop] William Dou 21:13, 29 November 2010 (EST)



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